Abiriba is popularly known as small London


The people of Abiriba are a community of enterprising generation who were originally of the Agunaguna sub-tribe of the main Ekoi group that were a part of the larger Yakurr group that can be traced to Ikom and other parts of the upper Cross River basin before migrating to the current location in Abia State, Nigeria.

Abiriba is made up of three main villages: Ameke, Agboji, & Amogudu. Abiriba is governed using a monarchichal system. The “Eze” (The King or Monarch) is called Enachioken. Abiriba has a well-developed and active Age-Grade system that has been significant to its development.

The Abiriba people are industrious and known for pre-historical black smiting and sculpture artifacts but the people have transitioned to trading and industrialization. Since the people were predominantly merchants, they are widely travelled within and outside Nigeria, and are correspondingly cosmopolitan. The exposure and prosperity of Abiriba people has induced the transformation of the community from a normal village setting to a model sub-urban but residential setting with some of the most exotic homes in the Igbo land, which earned Abiriba the nick name “Small London”.

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